Workbench for MYOB Advanced: Connect projects to your master plan

WorkBench for MYOB Advanced; connect projects teams and finances with the rest of the business

Looking for precision in digital project management plus a unified view of your business management processes and finances? Discover Workbench for MYOB Advanced – built especially for project-based businesses.

Keeping track of all the documents, photos, timelines, costs, and labour that relate to civil, engineering, and construction projects—both before and during works—is no mean feat.

But managing the details that ensure every project is on course is the day-to-day aspect of a broader business landscape: you also need to understand how your company, or group of companies, is performing as a whole.

Project accounting comes standard in MYOB Advanced, but businesses that manage multiple, large-scale projects often require additional control that’s inclusive of all project documents, tasks and personnel.

Workbench is a web application that superbly augments the functionality of MYOB Advanced to give you end-to-end oversight of projects and whole-of-business performance.


Your reputation to deliver rests on company-wide performance

Winning new work and growing sustainably requires a broad business outlook. Finding skilled labour isn’t easy which puts pressure on costs, keeping workers safe is a growing concern, and high-profile breaches of standards and trust have put the industry under greater scrutiny.

The quality of your business management approaches at the very top influences your company’s capacity to deliver on current and future projects, and ultimately your reputation and connections in the industry.

In an ideal world, digital record-keeping at the project level should feed seamlessly into company-wide data on finances, purchasing, customer management, business intelligence and reporting.

MYOB Advanced is a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution so it combines project accounting features with high-level finance, supply chain and customer management, as well as business intelligence functionality.

This means that when project data is captured within MYOB Advanced, it flows across the system to enable a ‘big picture’ view.

With MYOB Advanced you can achieve:

  • Consolidated financial data across different geographies, multiple ABNs, or currencies.
  • Centralised tax management and reporting, easy inter-company transactions and invoicing.
  • Stronger relationships with your key clients and the ability to uncover new opportunities.
  • Company-wide reports and analysis to improve strategic planning and decision-making.


MYOB Advanced plus Workbench delivers value for head contractors

WorkBench For MYOB Advanced

By connecting MYOB Advanced and the Workbench add-on, project-based businesses can ensure that project-specific details (across multiple regions and legal entities) feed into an integrated dataset.

Project work is the bread and butter construction, civil and engineering businesses, and it can be complex and high-risk. Adding to the complexity, significant jobs usually involve a range of partners, subsidiaries, and sub-contracted businesses and workers.

Mistakes, cost blowouts, and poor workforce management on a project cause setbacks that can delay completions. Therefore, successful execution relies on precise control of every aspect of every project.

The Workbench web-application is an attractive add-on because it delivers:

  • Centralised document and contract management, and mobile onsite record-keeping.
  • Tracking of actuals versus budget, and costings unique to each job and multiple sub-jobs.
  • Reliable forecasting to track job performance and make changes to improve cash flow.  
  • Simplified payroll management and EBA calculations for a fluctuating workforce.
  • Improved sub-contractor management including claim and retention management.
  • More optimal use and maintenance of equipment and the ability to track operating costs.

For example, civil contractors often also need to manage the use and maintenance of a large fleet of plant across multiple jobs. With Workbench you can book the use of plant to a specific project, just like you’d book a person’s time—and costs for operating that piece of machinery get booked to the item, not the project. In this way you can continually be refining your charge-out rate for plant to improve internal cost recovery.

In an industry where EBAs are common and affect pay conditions across different types of workers, depending on when work was completed—Workbench ensures people get paid correctly. It includes a handy sub-contractor portal that makes it easy to gain visibility of jobs, approve work and create RCTIs: workers being paid on a schedule of rates can lodge dockets daily; while a sub-contracted business can lodge claims and variation requests.


Workbench project management software to deliver value for head contractors

In the construction, civil and engineering fields, there’s an obvious need to capture all project data, costs and labour-hire details accurately. But without high-level visibility it’s not easy to to see how project-based changes and cost variations are impacting your entire business’ bottom line.

Controlling the nitty-gritty of project costing right through to your company’s P&L statement, relies on the strength and compatibility of the technology solutions you choose. When MYOB Advanced and Workbench join forces—through a straightforward integration that’s quick to implement—It is possible to achieve cohesion and seamless data flows.

Talk to us today about how MYOB Advanced and Workbench can boost visibility and profitability for your project-based business.

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