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The Payroll Software Module

Designed for businesses with simple to sophisticated payroll requirements, MYOB Advanced’s payroll software delivers pay to employees via check or direct deposit while simplifying payroll setup, processing, and reporting.

MYOB Advanced Payroll gives you the flexibility to determine whether you want to distribute payroll to a simple default set of GL accounts or to multiple GL accounts based on criteria such as branch, department, location, employee class position, union or earnings codes, tax codes, deduction, or benefit codes.

Highlighted Features

Reduce payroll headaches. Fully integrated with the MYOB Advanced Financial Management Suite, MYOB Advanced Payroll offers all the functionality you need to easily pay your employees and manage tax filings.

Process payroll anywhere. MYOB Advanced Payroll enables you to set up, modify, and report on payroll from anywhere using any popular web-browser.

Accelerate decision making. Out-of-the-box reporting and inquiry screens allow you to easily access and analyze payroll information.

Additional Features

Pay Groups: Multiple pay groups can be set up, enabling you to process different pay period schedules (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, etc.) and include different deductions and benefits depending on the specific pay group and pay period.
Employee Classes: Employee classes allow you to set defaults that will apply at the time of employee setup. A few of these defaults include hours worked per week and year, location, department, job code, and PTO accrual.
Tax Rates: Tax rates are provided by an outside service at no additional cost to you. This ensures that the tax tables are always up to date and that all states and localities are included.
Payroll Attributes: Payroll attributes are used to track specific items for your state or location. This allows for a wide range of flexibility regarding what can be tracked for each state and locality.
Earnings Codes: With MYOB Advanced Payroll, earnings codes are pre-defined—and unlike other systems, you don’t need hundreds of “pay codes.” Just a few, easy-to-remember earnings codes.
Deductions and Benefits: Track employee deductions as well as the portion paid by the organization. If the deduction and the benefit are related to each other, the system allows you to enter it once for both the deduction and the benefit. You can also define the sequence of the deductions in the event that an employee doesn’t have enough income to cover all of their deductions.
Shift Codes: Shift codes can be set up to change the pay factor of an earnings code if the shift is different from the standard.
Job Codes: Job codes allow you set up different rates, departments, locations, unions, workers compensation codes, etc. for the same employee that might perform different jobs.
Payable Liabilities: You can choose to let the system create the payable liabilities generated by the processing of payroll.
Reporting: Multiple reports are available out of the box, and inquiry screens make it easy to quickly review payroll data.

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