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MYOB Advanced API

Customise and connect your platform with the MYOB Advanced API.
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About the MYOB Advanced API

The MYOB Advanced API helps external systems and platforms to connect, integrate and share data with MYOB Advanced.

Developers can use the MYOB Advanced API to access the functionalities and data managed by MYOB Advanced.

What can I connect with?

  • Legacy systems

  • Homegrown applications

  • Other industry applications

  • eCommerce

  • Hospitality

  • Point of Sale (POS)

  • Business Intelligence (BI) and Reporting

  • And more!

API is the “doorway” to the MYOB Advanced Cloud ERP system

The MYOB Advanced API allows you to perform a number of tasks to and from
MYOB Advanced. Adding new records, updating existing records, deleting records, retrieving, sorting and
filtering data, are all possible scenarios.

Connect to MYOB Advanced via endpoint

Connect to MYOB Advanced

MYOB Advanced has a default set of endpoints. This endpoint has a predefined contract, which includes the API that is preconfigured in the system.

Extending an Endpoint

If the default endpoint doesn’t include the specific field you need, you can extend the default endpoint from within MYOB Advanced to add this fields or create endpoints from scratch.

Extending an Existing endpoint within MYOB Advanced


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